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New Year 2011!!

Well, so starts a new year of beekeeping. Over the winter I thought my hive had died. I didn’t see any bees for a really long time. Even on warm days I didn’t see any, then, one warm day, I went out to my beeyard and saw like a bagillion of them flying around. YES!! Can’t wait to get out there and start working them again. Anyway, this year I have a couple of goals:

1- Replace the Queen
For about the past year, my hive has grown really aggressive and I have decided that it is the queens fault, and that I will replace her.

2- Get all the wax off of the frames.
It has been three years since I got most of my equipment and so I must strip some of the wax off of some of the frames. Luckily I get to do cool things with wax like candles, soap, and sell

3- Sell my honey and my wax.
This past year I got over 200 lbs. of honey but I still don’t have bottles so I can’t sell it. As soon as I get bottles I’m going to go on a major selling spree and sell everything that I can. Then, I will still have this coming years harvests. Hopefully I can sell that too.

If you have any other suggestions or cool things I can do with my bees, please comment. I am always looking for new and exciting things to try!


Beehive Ventilation

As we learned in the last post. My bees are bearding because it’s to hot and humid inside the hive. Bearding isn’t neccesarilly a bad thing, it just means there hot.

So, after a little bit of research, I came up with a couple of ways to ventilate the hive. Here are just a few:
1. You could use an open mesh bottom board on your hive. This will help with ventilation and possibly varroa mites.
2. You could drill a couple extra holes into your beehive to let more air come in and out. This also lets the bees come in and out more freely.
3.You could buy what is called a Solar Powered Ventilator. A machine that will ventilate the hive using solar power. It has a thermostat and a fan that work together to cool the hive.

The BeeCool Ventilator

The BeeCool Ventilator

My research came from a couple of differnt websites:
The Solar powered ventilator.
The open mesh bottom board.

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