It’s Been a While!!

Wow… It’s been a really long time since I’ve written on here. I just checked my hive a few days back and it’s doing great!! As we speak (or more like type) my bees are out there working on their fourth super!! Hurray!! That’s already more than I had last year!! When I checked them, the super only had four or five frames left to build. That means I might just have to add another super sometime next week. And I thought buying a couple more supers was over doing it.

Anyway, while I was out there, we decided to put on a screened bottom board. I talked about that a while back in my Ventilation post. It is a bottom board that is mostly screen. It has two main purposes. The first, ventilation. It helps air flow through the hive and help keep it cool. This will help the honey dry faster and let the bees work on other things. It also keeps mold and crap from growing. If it gets too moist in there, the bees get stressed. When the bees get stressed, Varroa mites start to take over. Which leads us to the next reason for a screened bottom board. When mites fall off of bees, they will fall through the screen and to the ground. With a normal bottom board, the mites fall off and just crawl back onto another bee. Now they just fall through.

After I had checked the supers and put the screened bottom board on, I Powder-Sugared my hive. I got a bunch of Powdered-Sugar and sifted it into my hive. You see, powdered-sugar is actually a lot of small crystals. These crystals when dropped on mites, cause a bunch of small cuts. The mite population is injured horribly by this. Some mites die while others just let go and fall through the bottom board. (Good thing I got that screen!!) I went and did it to every box.

Not that I saw any mites in my hive. They seem to be doing great!!! I just wanted to make sure that there weren’t any mites. I mean hey!! What will a little sugar do to my hive, right?


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