Mapping Bees

Have you ever wanted to know how far your bees fly?  Have you ever wanted to see what other beekeepers are around.  If so, there is this way awesome website that another beekeepers showed me.  Basically, you enter in your address and some information.  Then it uses a Google based map to show you how far your bees fly.  It is so cool.  Then, if you want to see the other beekeepers in your area, you can search around and find how to contact them.  I hope you all will go and try this out.  It is so COOL!!!

The link is  Please go and try it out.  I think that it will help beekeepers to communicate better.  It is a rather new website, so there aren’t many apiaries listed yet.  Hopefully, though, you will go and put yours on.  I found out that there are like ten hives that all belong to one guy, that are posted around my area.

Please go try it out!!  Have Fun!!!


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