The First Opening!!!!!

I opened my hive for the first time. It was awesome. There were still tons of bees all over. I thought that by now most of them would be dead, but I was wrong. They still had a little bit of honey left in store, and we saw some larvae so the queen is alive. However, there were a couple of things that I saw that I didn’t like.

As soon as I opened the hive, a nasty smell wafted out. The top popped open to reveal a small puddle of water in one of the corners. This spot had grown plenty of mold over the winter. The inner cover and the bottom of the cover had it in the corners. Then we pulled the inner cover out to see that some of the frames had mold on them. So, as I have found out in the past, my hive still needs more ventilation.    I think to get this ventilation, we are going to drill small holes in the side of the hive so that air will flow in and out freely.

We also added a pollen patty to the hive.  We had some Pollen Patty powder stuff where you just add corn syrup.  We made it according to the instructions but it never quite got thick enough.  We thought that it might have to be put in a freezer for a while so we stuck it in.  After about six hours, we pulled it out and it still wasn’t frozen all the way but we cut it in half, put it in wax paper, and put it on our hive.  It still was a little runny.  If any of you have any recipes, ideas, or tips for making pollen patties, please leave a comment telling us how.  It would help a ton if you did.  Thanks!!!

After we put the pollen patty on, we put the inside cover back on and then added a top feeder.  I got it new from Mann Lake this year.  We filled it with sugar-water (with some essential oils in it) and put it in a super.  I’m hoping the bees will start to using it so that they don’t die.  Then we switched out our old Migratory Cover with a new telescoping cover.  We are hoping that will help them survive also.

You know,  I thought that the bees were doing a great job.  I see them out and about every once in a while, and I always am just waiting for a good time when I can go out and see them again.

Now, if you have any tips our tricks that pertain to anything I have blogged about, PLEASE leave a comment.  Thanks!!!!


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