Giving Away Bees

I recently received a magazine in the mail. This magazine was entitled “The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World”. This magazine was sent by an organization called “Heifer International”.

The Heifer Logo

The Heifer Logo

Heifer is a world wide program that sends animals such as cows, sheep, llamas, water-buffalo, and other such animals. These animals help some families get resources such as milk. It also helps them to receive an income by selling their milk.
One of the articles that they had in this magazine was entitled “The Holiday Buzz… About Bees”. This article was about honey-bees. If you wanted to, you could pay $30 to give somebody in a third world country a hive of bees. The magazine goes on to tell about how the family could prosper because of the hive. The honey could be sold for a profit, plants around the village would thrive, or they could sell wax.

I would encourage you to look at their website if you get a chance. The website for Heifer is:
The website for the Honey-Bees is:


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