Bees, The New way to fight Cancer??

I just got a really cool article in the Wall Street Journal about bee venom. This article is called The Buzz: Targeting Cancer with Bee Venom.
It talks about how some scientists found out that bee venom will attack cancerous tumors and stop their growth or even start to shrink them. The only problem with the method was that it would also fight red blood cells.
Recently, they have started to use nanotechnology with the research and have found a particle that will help guide the venom. They mix the venom with this particle so that it will only attack cancerous tissue. They call these nanobees.
Nanobees literally have stingers and attack the cancerous tissue. They have shrunken tumors, stopped tumor growth, and even stopped precancerous lesions.
Could nanobees bee the stop to cancer?

Read the article yourself by clicking here.This will lead you to the article in the Wall Street Journal.


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