Another Clue at Disappearing Honey Bees!

I recently read an article at why honey bees are starting to die out. Most people thought that Varroa Mites, Fungi, and pesticides were the main factors for the reason that honey bees were dying out. They were half right.

According to USA Today, researchers have recently discovered Ribosomal RNA in the gut of sick bees. Apparently this is caused by damage to the Ribosomes.

They think that this is caused by things that have given the bees diseases, including: Varroa mites, Fungi, and some pesticides.

Here’s the real link:


2 responses to this post.

  1. American honeybees pollinate some 90 different crops that bring in more than $15 billion annually. We need to find out what is making the hives collapse and do something about it now.


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