Another Check-Up (This Time a Good One)

I checked up on all of my supers today, again. This time I got all the way into the bottom super. Boy, were those bees mad at me. As soon as I lifted the top super off they were way ticked off. The top super wasn’t too bad weight wise and the bees seemed to be working hard so I set it down for later.

The Second super was a “BUZZ” with work. (Good Pun Huh?) I looked around a bit to see if all of the honey was capped. The last two frames were still uncapped so I lifted it off. Okay, this super was way heavy. I totally wasn’t ready for that. So, with alot of effort, I set it down slowly on the ground.

The third super was completely full. From what I could tell, everything was capped and good for extraction. I started to pull this one off and it was also really heavy.

I then took the first super and put it on the bottom. I’m hoping that the bees will start to work on it more.

Then I put the Second Super back where it was, and the third. The main reason that I did this was so that tomorrow I could put a fume board on. Then I can take it to my neighbors house and get to the extracting part. (I mentioned how to do this earlier. See the bottom of the page for the URL.)
Then I’ll wait a little bit for them to finish the other two.

Here is the link to How to Extract Honey.


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