A Lesson on Honey Extraction

Being new at beekeeping and such, I went to my neighbors house to learn how to extract honey.  It’s actually a pretty fun process and doesn’t take as long as I t hought it would.

I decided that I would go through the process here:

1. Put  a fume board onto the top super on your hive.  This will get the bees to leave the super so that you can get the super.

2. Bring the super into an enclosed space, in my neighbors case, his garage.  Be careful here.  There will still be a few bees in the super so watch out for them.

3. Take a frame and get ready to uncap it.  For this you will need an uncapping knife.  An uncapping knife is normally heated and will help get the wax off of the cells.
Slowly move up and  the frame with this trying to get off the very top layer of wax.  The deeper you go, the more wax the bees will have to build out next year. When done, repeat on the other side.

Used for Uncapping.

Used for Uncapping.

When you are done with the uncapping knife there will probably be a couple of cells left capped.  You can use a fork or an uncapping fork to get them off.  Just scrape over the cells and try to not go too deep.

Used after the Uncapping Knife

Used after the Uncapping Knife

4. My neighbor has an extractor that can hold four frames at a time.  So for him you uncap four frames.  Then you put them into the extractor.  The extractor will actually take the honey out of the cells and into the extractor.  The extractor will normally have a little plug on it that just comes up to pour out honey.

Used for Pulling the Honey out of the Cells.

Used for Pulling the Honey out of the Cells.

5. My neighbor uses buckets that also have cool little plugs on them.  He puts a sock filter into the bucket first, so that the big chunks (Bees, bee parts, wax, etc.) don’t get into your honey.  After that he pours the honey in and yanks the sock out, this brings all of the parts with it.

6. From there you can pour it into your containers.

7.Then, you can sell it, store it, give it away, or whatever else you want to do with it.


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