A Peek into the Super!!! (The Pink One.)

I took a peek into the top super, my pink one, and saw some really awesome stuff.  The  First thing I saw was that the very outside frame was already built out in wax.  That got me really excited because it meant that the other frames probably already had nectar in them.  So, I continued to look into the other frames and found lots of nectar.  To summarize how much nectar we have, all of the frames were completely full of nectar except four of them.  Two of the four frames are almost full of nectar leaving two frames without any nectar in them.  These  two frames without nectar are both almost built out in wax.

So, in the end, we decided to hurry and add another super before we go on a week long campout so that they didn’t swarm while we were gone.  This will be our third super on one hive, and I was told that the first year was the worst!! (Actually it would be good if it was because then I would get tons of honey next year.)


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