Beehive Ventilation

As we learned in the last post. My bees are bearding because it’s to hot and humid inside the hive. Bearding isn’t neccesarilly a bad thing, it just means there hot.

So, after a little bit of research, I came up with a couple of ways to ventilate the hive. Here are just a few:
1. You could use an open mesh bottom board on your hive. This will help with ventilation and possibly varroa mites.
2. You could drill a couple extra holes into your beehive to let more air come in and out. This also lets the bees come in and out more freely.
3.You could buy what is called a Solar Powered Ventilator. A machine that will ventilate the hive using solar power. It has a thermostat and a fan that work together to cool the hive.

The BeeCool Ventilator

The BeeCool Ventilator

My research came from a couple of differnt websites:
The Solar powered ventilator.
The open mesh bottom board.

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  1. […] was out there, we decided to put on a screened bottom board. I talked about that a while back in my Ventilation post. It is a bottom board that is mostly screen. It has two main purposes. The first, ventilation. It […]


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